Health Monitoring Solutions
The Advanosys System is a non-contact kiosk that automatically reports body temperature, manages access control and creates a comprehensive audit trail. The system leverages patented technologies to provide best-in-class safety and peace of mind for consumers and employees in both public and private premises.



The Advanosys Team is proud to offer a very wide range of what we believe to be integral related technologies to meet the needs of our very diverse clientele.

Security Solutions
Automation & IT Network
Life Safety Solutions


Video Management Solutions (VMS)
Access Control Solutions
Intrusion Detection Systems
Vehicle Gates, Barriers & Controls
Pedestrian Turnstiles and Fencing
Complete Perimeter Security Systems
Security Control/Command Centers
Data Center & Rack Security Control
X-ray, Metal Detection, Scanning
Security Construction & SCIF Facilities
Parking Control and Management
Duress Notification Systems

& IT Network

Building Automation Systems
Home Automation Platforms
Energy Management Solutions
Distributed Audio and Video
Lighting – Green/LED & Control
Video Conferencing
IT and Network Services
Fiber Infrastructure Systems
Solar Power Systems
GIS Mapping & Integration
Technology Integration & Design
PLC Controls, ALPR, META Data
System Design and Consulting
General Electrical Services
Service and Full Maintenance

Life Safety

Fire Alarm Services
Back-up Power Systems
Sprinkler Services
HVAC Monitoring Solutions
Emergency Communications
Safety Systems
Voice Evacuation Systems
Safety Lighting
Hazard Condition Monitoring
Automated Signage
Wearable & Mobile Video
Emergency Evacuation -EVAC
System Design and Consulting
General Electrical Services
Service and Full Maintenance

Download Advanosys BrochureThe Advanosys Security and Automation Technologies (ASAT) organization provides innovative design built solutions to meet the disaster prevention requirements of our discerning clients large and small!

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